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3Days off. Started from borrowing tamping rammer first in the morning. Then purchasing 4 full loads of crushed pebble on my mini truck. This took time and a lot of manual labor. Loading pebble, dump it, spread even then back again. Each sequence took about 2 hours with full of my physical energy. Upon loading the final one, I gave up today's work.

To unload the pebble from cargo space, I used hand shovel to reload on a mono cycle cart, initially. However, this broke my arms. Just a couple of reloading pumped up my forearm. So I've changed tactics. Using rake helped me tremendously. My little truck has dump function. So giving slight gradient as the reloading progressed, rake pebble into the cart bucket. Way a lot easier than shoveling out. But too late to know this'll work. By the time unload third truck load, it's getting dark. And I left the load for tomorrow. Since I had to tamp the spread pebble before sunset.

Tamping for precise leveling avoids uneven sinking of house. Especially on my method of making house foundation. Bottom on top which appears as large monolith concrete platform. This type of foundation avoids heat circulation under the floor which traps heat generated by passive solar system on the roof.

Government has set the latest standard for house building known as Flat 35. This standard specifies every detail of building house under the condition who uses government house loan. Anyone who do not have to establish mortgage can ignore this standard. But not for who uses government loan. Almost all house makers follow this standard. So as local carpenters or architect. Since there's no such foundation considered as almighty. I chose the bottom top style. Old fashioned local carpenter still insist independent base rock will work best for earth quake. But that's too risky. So I followed the standard in some way but not every detail.
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