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Just keep on correction of compacted pebble surface. By the end of the day discrepancies became less than 5mm plus or minus. The discrepancies will be eliminated after finishing top surface of foundation. I'll have three more steps to go. Current discrepancies are in tolerable range. So let's get to the next stage.

Next morning, a neighbor asked me to cut branches away spruce stood next to their house. These guys' been very nice to me since I bought premise of my bat cave. So this should be my turn to give it back. Japanese spruce grow their lower branches like spiral stairs. Once caught lowest steady branch, climbing was easy. Getting instruction where to start, I've fixed my rope and started rappelling down with braking by double prusik webbing. Branches are quite dry so that cutting them off should be very easy with hand saw. Needed no chain saw. Just about 30 minutes of work gave them good view on their west side of the house. Then back to my work.

Had a little tea brake out in the garden. Setting chairs and a table in the shade of big cherry tree. Mint tea is so refreshing. Mixing raw and dried apple mint with lemon barm produces the best combination for early summer drink. Surusumi found a little stick for fetch and watched me expectantly. So had a little play time.

After eliminating discrepancies, I've set footing mold and checked if the line cohesive enough. Even center of the surface flat enough, both side deforms a bit. When the discrepancies are minor, just let the mold slide several time until it fits. When the discrepancies are major, used tools to dig out pebble or soil. Fitting ready build parts on each corner looks quite secure. That was all for the day.

Late that afternoon, the neighbor brought me locally butchered beef compensate for my work early in the morning. The area is famous for its one of the best beef in Japan. I'm flattered but accepted the beef. No need to say it was a feast that night.
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