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My lower backache was worse than I imagined. As soon as I felt uneasiness on my waist, iced with snow packed plastic bag immediately. However, I couldn't wake up the next morning. Took another two days off and went to a doctor. X-rayed and prescribed antiflama and some pain killers, the doctor told me be quiet for a couple of weeks. So I let it passed this weekend house building work.

I've got a lot to do for house building even I couldn't touch any real physical work. Placed order of some hardware in short, and drawn design detail of segment which I'll work on next week.

Placing order to a shop on website takes only a little while. As I could drop by a local construction material supplier on Sunday. Compared pricing of articles I needed with one on website. Pricing on website was matufar better than the supplier. Purchasing of material is always a headache and a fun.

While, designing requires a little help from computer aided design software. Mine is called JW-CAD which is the most popular and the most user friendly one in Japan. I've learned the software all by myself. Took me a couple of month to master. Well, not quite, but I do not feel uncomfortable with the software now. As so many professionals use this software, it is so easy to get downloaded better ideas of professionals through free website. And the best part is the software itself is a public domain software which is unbelievable! For novice carpenter like me, without any help of CAD software, building house looks hopeless. 

I usually design partially each time I move on to new section of building my house. That helps me to work without second thoughts. While figuring materials you need out becomes so easy. Learning CAD software may takes a little struggle for a novice carpenter. However, it'll pay definitely well.

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