家作り備忘録130A selfbuilder's note


My lower backache seems not well enough. I had to take care of my two dogs while my wife went overnight trip to eat blow fish with her old high school friends. So I drove up to my bat cave this weekend and half enjoyed snow with my pups as well as house building. No hard working.

Newly fallen snow piled up to knee deep. My Lab off course even my chihuahua running around fresh snow. The both enjoyed dry powder during Saturday morning and soon had a long nap beside warm wood stove. While they are sleeping peacefully, started line drawing on bearing wall panels to cut to match gable end slope.

Drawing and cutting panel's easy. However, carrying these pieces up to loft floor and installing them needed special attention. As my lower back explodes immediately once overloaded. So, with piece by piece, slowly climbinf up ladder step by step. Took me almost double of the time I usually do. Then poke out myself from gable end placing these pieces before nailing them down. A lot of cold sweat. Fortunately my back didn't blow up for the day.

Good thing was, my hunter friend brought me warthog meat that afternoon. The best way to cook warthog meat is Sukiyaki. This hunter a friend of mine is also a butcher. Hunters used to be butchers who supply wild animals meat. However, they just hunt down dears or warthogs to get incentives by authorities need pest control. They'll pay you certain amount per deer by each set of teeth and tail. So most of hunters abundan carcasses after 'tokens' taken. But my friend uses up entire meat of course, even horns or bones to make accessories. This is because he took life of others. It's the least courtesy to use up whole meat of the others once taken their lives. I buy ground meat for my dogs from him because of this idea.

After finishing outer wall, a plainer will be a key tool. As furnishing fixtures become major job for house building. A traditional hand planer needs a little preparation before use. Well conditioned plainer peeling rough surface out very smoothly. I've chosen one of the hardest forged steel blade on the market. The blades' steel material provided by iron maker Hitachi actually manufactured from sand steel which is same as traditional Japanese iron making. Mines are 'Blue labeled' steel. Yasuki steel labeled Blue, White, Silver. Blue is the hardest and most tenacious of all the line.Diffucult to hone but long lasting sharp edge.

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